If you are a practicing attorney, the service you provide costs money. The same can be said for doctors, advertising executives, and others. Anytime a service is being provided by anyone, it is going to cost money. There are certain "specialty" services that are marketed to small groups of people who demand a very high level of service and quality and that are provided for a limited audience that are more expensive to produce. Legal Authority is just such a service.


Legal Authority researches who is in charge of hiring attorneys at virtually every law firm and employer in the United States. We maintain a huge database of employers and we are responsible for making sure this information is current at all times and update hundreds of thousands of contacts manually several times a year. We then have highly trained Employment Advocates whose job is to understand the market completely and make sure that they help you identify the best employers for you to market yourself to. Then we redo your resume and cover letter using highly trained writers. We then print your cover letters, envelopes, resumes, and so forth and ship this all to you.

In most cases, for you to approach all of the employers that match your interests in even a major market like Los Angeles or New York, our service would not cost you more than $1,200 or so. When you factor in all of the time it takes us to research contacts, print your application materials, and redo your resume and cover letter, the amount of money we charge taking into account all of our time comes to less than $14.00 an hour. If your time is worth less than $14.00 an hour and you have the time to do the work we do then you should do it yourself.

One thing that people neglect to think about when they evaluate whether or not their time is worth $14.00 an hour is how efficiently they will be doing the work, however. We are extremely efficient at tracking down contacts, printing, and redoing your resume and cover letter. We have been doing this since 2001 and have gotten much better at this sort of work throughout the years. We know how not to miss information and how to do our jobs right. It might take you twice as much time to do the work we do on your own, or it might take you longer. We believe that the service we provide is actually incredibly cheap when you take into account all the factors.


If you are not getting results in your current method of looking for a job, then you are losing money every day. We believe that using job boards, recruiters, and other methods of looking for a job are very often the most expensive methods because of the hidden costs of these job search methods.

When you use Legal Authority you are "instantly" applying to every single employer you could potentially work for in a given area of the country at once. You are applying to places that currently have advertised openings for an attorney like you. You are applying to places that have no advertised positions but are "informally" interviewing people like you. You are applying to employers who do not currently have openings but become interested in hiring someone like you when they see your resume. You are applying to places who may have an "informal" or "formal" opening in a few weeks and will contact you then.

The power of Legal Authority is that is helps you expose yourself to every single employer in the market at one time. By exposing yourself to every employer at one time you are being "proactive" and not "waiting" for a job to come along when it may. You are taking action now.

When you use a recruiter to look for a job the recruiter will typically have "contacts" with certain firms and not others. In the legal market, recruiters typically work with around 4 to 5% of the employers in a given area. Recruiters do not charge job seekers, but recruiters typically charge fees of anywhere from 25% to 40% of your annual salary to employers if they hire you. Some employers will pay these fees and others will not.

If you want to expose yourself to a small percentage of the legal market and force whoever hires you to write a huge check, then using a recruiter may make sense. After all, recruiters are "free" right? However, for most job seekers without incredibly stellar pedigrees, using a recruiter will not make sense and, in fact, will be an incredibly expensive proposition unless you have a long time to wait in order to get a job. Some people work with recruiters for years.

Job boards are another popular way that many people look for jobs. On a job board, what you will generally see are jobs that employers have spent $300 or so to post there. The business model of the average job board is essentially to charge employers a lot of money to post jobs there and then use that advertising revenue to "promote" their job site and drive lots of users there. That's why when you watch the Super Bowl you see advertisements for places like Monster and CareerBuilder: They want to "flood" employers with applications. Some people screw around on job boards for months and never get interviews. It is not because the attorney or law student is not talented; most often it is simply because the employers are literally overwhelmed with applications.

If you want to be one among hundreds of people applying to the same job, then using a job board may make sense for you. After all, the average job board is "free" and you should never have to pay to look for a job, right? However, if your time is valuable this "free" job search option may not make sense for you.

The average attorney may make over $120,000 a year. For the sake of argument, you are losing around $500 a day for each day you are not working. You are losing money if you are not working in the best paying job you can expect to get. Legal Authority is extremely inexpensive because it allows you to apply to just about every single employer you could possibly work for that does the sort of work you want to do. Legal Authority gets you interviews faster. Legal Authority gets you hired faster. Legal Authority makes it more likely that you will get the highest paid job you possibly can get.

If you are not working, or not making as much money as you could be, each day that goes by you are losing money. Legal Authority costs about a couple of days of the average attorney's paycheck. People routinely spend over $100,000 going to law school and then spend the next 20 or so years paying this off. Legal Authority is arguably the least expensive career investment you will ever make because it will help you get employed in the fastest possible manner at the best possible job for you.


The research, printing, and cost of redoing your resume are the largest components of what goes into our service. We provide a very specialized service for the legal industry and we do it well. We are a professional company and do our work in an extremely conscientious manner. Given the tremendous amount of work that goes into what we do, we actually believe our service is extremely inexpensive.

When many people are finally serious about using Legal Authority and have a problem with our price, they always want to make certain they are not doing a terrible mistake and do everything they can to consult "experts" such as unsuccessful and unemployed attorneys and law students, bureaucrats inside of law schools who want to control where you apply to, recruiters who do not want you applying to jobs on your own and others. These people will immediately declare that something like Legal Authority "must be a scam" and that if it worked everyone would be doing it. They may find a negative report or two out there among one of the 10,000+ attorneys and law students and attorneys who have used the service in the past and declare "it never works!" or something along those lines. Experts like these kill a ton of our business at Legal Authority. These so-called "experts" have also probably irrevocably damaged the careers of lots of people we would have helped, such as those who are no longer practicing law, did not find jobs when they graduated from law school, or who are under employed in the legal profession making much less money than they are capable of making.

The first several years of running Legal Authority we lost an incredible amount of money. We had to subsidize the operation of the business with income from our other companies (www.CareerMission.com) and you have to really believe in it to continue doing something that keeps losing money. Slowly but steadily, however, the company started doing well because people who used the service had so much success they started telling others about it and these people told others and so forth. Today, we get more attorneys and law student jobs than any service we know of, but we should be helping more people.